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By enrolling in the courses and courses of kitesurf.be/ (Surf and fly) you confirm the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions below. The course is part of a contractual agreement between the participant of the training course on the one hand and Extreme Sports VZW the organizer (Surf And Fly) on the other hand.

The courses run in groups of maximum 2 students per instructor (except for the 1° modules, six students maximum) with all safety options applicable.

The objective of the training is to teach the actions and the knowledge of the kite to allow an autonomous progress. By autonomous, we mean the knowledge to assess risks and be able to make the relevant decisions by yourself. Each client receives training so that an autonomous, responsible and safe practice becomes possible for himself and other practitioners.

Instructors are affiliated (guaranteed monitor) to the International Federation of kitesurfing IKO (International Kitesurf Organization).

A cancellation by the customer less than 24h before the start of the lesson validated by him are not allowed. The lesson will be considered as fully given.

The school is in no way responsible for weather conditions that are inappropriate for kiting.
The people in charge and the instructors of Surf and Fly assess the weather conditions every evening through various internet weather forecast sites. This analysis will orient the decision of the instructors before confirming the course.

Each person who registers for a course at Surf and Fly will be insured for their CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY during the course (we are not responsible for injuries sustained while taking the classes). The student is aware that kitesurfing is a risky sport and consequently one does not hold the organizer responsible for such accidents/injuries . The civil responsibility of Surf and Fly can in no case be involved outside the course hours.
This insurance is valid only for the placements/courses in our school.

Every adult participant and the parents of immature participants accept the risks involved in practicing the sport. Promotional vouchers (4 lessons promo) are valid for 2 years.

Obligations of Surf and Fly.
Surf and Fly undertakes to provide appropriate equipment (kites, boards, wetsuits, harness, helmet, impact vest) during the course and to comply with the deontological rules of reception quality, training, hygiene and safety.

All our rates include insurance civil liability, use of equipment and the instructor. Surf and Fly has the right and ability to adjust conditions and course rates at any time. All our rates are available on our website www.kitesurf.be/

Enrollment conditions
Being able to swim and feel comfortable in a sea environment is a prerequisite before enrolling in a kite course. One must be at least 18 years old. Each participant declares to be in good physical condition for practicing kite. A written parental consent is required for under-18s.

The lessons offered within the framework of Bongobon will continue as soon as there are 4 participants.
In 90% of the cases there are always enough participants to allow these lessons to take place every weekend if the weather conditions allow it.