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Surf and Fly kitesurfschool

Are you fascinated by surfing, sun, sea and the beach, then you've come to the right place at Surf and Fly!

Our kitesurfschool - Group lessons (all lessons are semi-private!)

Surf and Fly offers a flexible training program that consists of 4 lessons of about 3 hours each. If you already have experience and you want to follow one of the four classes or you prefer a private lesson, just create an account and select the lesson you would like to follow!

At the end of your cours, you’ll receive an IKO kitesurf license that is accepted worldwide and proves your level.
Below our video, you’ll find more information about the content of each lesson.

Discover our startsdeal @ 500€

In the box below, you’ll find more information about the content of the 4 lessons that we offer (in our package deal). These lessons can also be booked separately if, for example, you have already gained experience abroad.

Step 1 - Discovery - 80€
Kitesurf stap 1 initiatie
This is the taster course to this magical sport in barefoot on the beach. Lesson on the beach with small safe kites progressing to larger kites as you are ready.
What to bring for your lesson:Sunglasses + warm clothes (wind can be chill)
What will you learn in this lesson:
Equipment set-up
Understanding the wind
Kite control on the beach
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Step 2 - Bodydrag - 160€
Kitesurf lesson bodydrag step 2
It’s time to hit the water. After setting up the kite, you’ll learn how to bodydrag in the water (upwind/downwind)

What to bring for your lesson?Swimwear + towel

What will you learn in this lesson:
Kite control in the water
How to relaunch a kite in the water
Upwind bodydrag
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Step 3 - Waterstart - 160€
Kitesurf les stap 3 - varen
In this step will continue to work on your kitecontrol skills. Once, you have perfect control of the kite, we’ll simulate the waterstart on the beach and then it’s your turn!
What to bring for your lesson?Swimwear + towel

What will you learn in this lesson:
How to independently put on your board
How to waterstart!
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Step 4 - First rides - 160€
Kitesurf les stap 4
Rome wasn’t built in a day! In lesson 4, we’ll continue to work on your boardskills and try to ride in both directions!

What to bring for your lesson?Swimwear + towel

What will you learn in this lesson:
Working on your waterstart skills
Learn to ride in both directions

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New for 2021

Kitesurfing via real time audio response!

As the only kitesurfing school in Belgium, we offer highly effective group and private lessons through audio coaching. We will hook you up with a bluetooth headset so you get constant feedback from your kitesurf teacher!

Because of the wind and the distance between yourself and the teacher, it is often impossible to hear each other. This audio headset is the perfect way to communicate with your instructor at a long distance. So when you float in the sea and you do not know what to do, don’t stress! We will explain you step by step what you should do. In this way you learn to kite a lot faster and more efficiently!

* If you wish to make use of this, please let us know at the registration so that we can keep one on your side!

Online learning platform

Once you have an account on our website, you can get access to our online learning platform.
This allows you to prepare yourself well before the lesson (it’s not a must). Or if you want to review something after class, you can find it on our website. We understand that sometimes you are overloaded with information and it is not always easy to process and remember everything. It is then super convenient to have the option to review everything online.

If you can’t find it on our website or if you have any questions, call or email us and within 24 hours, you’ll get an answer!

We are unique in Europe and strive to go to the limit for our students!

The online learning platform is FREE for all our students.

Why take kitesurfing lessons at

Market leader

Market leader with more than 18 years experience in giving kitesurfing lessons in Belgium & The Netherlands with a satisfaction score of no less than 86%!


Surf and Fly is an IKO center where we use the highest standard. All our instructors are IKO certified which means that they are professionally and internationally trained as kitesurf instructor!

Every day lessons

As soon as there's wind, we'll teach! We are open seven days a week and we even teach during the evening!

Experienced instructors

Each and every one in our team is pro who wants nothing else than to make you completely hooked to kitesurfing! All certified, all 100% kitesurfers with salt blood!

Maximaal 2 personen

We do not push the price down by teaching in large groups. We have one goal: to teach you kitesurfing as well as possible! And that will not work if you are waiting for your turn all the time.

Make your own planning

Through our booking system you can easily plan your lessons up to 1 day in advance. So only kiten when it suits you!

Lessons via radio communication

As if your instructor is watching over your shoulder! In all classes the best instructions always at the right time. Learn extremely fast!

Rental service

Have you reached the level to ride independently? We will not leave you to your fate. As one of the only kitesurfing schools we have a rental service and we'll suit you up with the right gear!
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