Surf and Fly
De Wandelaar 5 Knokke-Heist
9:00 - 22:00
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Surf and Fly kitesurfschool

Are you passionate by surfing, sun, sea and beach, then Surf and Fly is the place for you!

We teach 7/7 from the 1st of April till the end of October (last school holiday in Belgium).

It will take +- 4 lessons to get you riding (downwind). After these 4 lessons you should be independent to practice on your own with some assistance. It is ideal to start with 2 so that you can practice together after the lessons.

We provide all the kitesurfing gear you’ll need during the lesson, the only thing you need to bring is swimsuit, towel, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Our lessons usually take place between 9.30AM and 7PM. The specific time depends on the weather conditions & bookings. It is important that you are present at least 15 minutes in advance so we can start on time!

You need at least 2 days to follow these 4 steps. We suggest you follow step 1+2 on 1 day (if possible) and 3 and 4 on 2 seperate days.

No! You don’t have to be strong for kitesurfing. The power of the kite ends up on your trapeze (harness). In this way, your body weight will keep you on the ground. We only use our arms to steer the kite. We start teaching kids at the age of 8 and most of them can’t lift a bag of 25kg ;-).

When the wind is too light (less than 10 knots) or too strong (more than 25 knots), the kite surfing lessons are canceled.

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